Underneath the Wisteria

April 19, 2017

I’m really pushing myself to write more about my sessions. There’s so many inspirations and stories that I’m leaving out and it seems almost unfair as they are part of the pictures. This was a fairly spontaneous 3o minute session. At the beginning of this year I told myself that I want to have less regrets creatively. Which to me meant less excuses and more shooting. I have SO many ideas rolling around in my brain but often end up collecting dust at the attic compartment. I remember too many instances last year when I would tell my husband what I want to do and then when an opportunity would present itself I would think “Im too tired, I have too much other things to do, it’s too taxing..” or ” it’s never going to work, I’m not good enough..” I found this spot last year in the back of a plaza (literally by the dumpsters) and told myself I would come back to it. By the time I came back the flowers were gone.

This year I didn’t really have time to plan anything special for this spot but decided that I MUST take some shots here anyway and make the best of it. It’s not close to my house so I didn’t have the time to drive there to see if it was in bloom. ┬áHowever, one day after my night shift nap I drove out here and saw the wisteria in full bloom. I had about an hour till sunset. I found a model (who made herself available last minute) drove home and back and we created something special out of nothing. Because I KNEW, if I waited one more week my chance to capture this beauty would be gone!