The Secret Garden

April 24, 2017

The Secret Garden was one of the first books I read as soon as I learned enough English to read it. It’s about a spoiled rich girl whose parents die and she is sent off to live with her uncle in England at an old estate. Her uncle is very disconnected and leaves her feeling neglected. To pass time, she discovers an abandoned garden and learns that there’s more to it than meets the eye. She finds a buried key in the ground and begins reviving the garden with the help of one of the servant’s brothers. As she works on the garden she uncovers secrets buried years ago. This, is where my inspiration for this shoot comes from. With a modern twist, a stylish fashion story is born.

As I was styling this shoot, I was focused on a dreamy garden look. The nude dress with red embellishment was the most perfect piece. It’s not overbearing but at the same time makes it’s presence known. The floral skirt with the bow was also a unique addition¬†I wanted to include as it fit it’s surroundings like a glove. And finally, the lace detailed romper added a modern touch to our story without completely erasing the romance.

Model: Kylee Nielsen

Styling & Photo: Irina Kolyadich

Red dress:

Romper: Fashion Union

Skirt & White Blouse: Asos