The Future is Here

March 1, 2018

The ever changing present is in yesterdays future.

This idea was circling in the back of my head for a year already. Sometimes I get these ideas, buy a dress for it but it doesn’t end up happening till wayyyy later than intended. But I am very persistent on making it happen regardless of the time it took to get to it. Because even though I may have the idea, I may not have the other parts put together. In this case I wasn’t sure where or who to shoot with. However, I met Haley earlier this year and knew she would be perfect for this. Her quirkiness is so wonderful also because it works with any look you’re going for. She also happened to know someone just as wonderful and they both helped this story come to life for me.

Models: Haley Thonen, Laurelei

Make up: Sonny Castillo

Assistance: Jay Zakh

Styling & Photography by me