Shoes of Prey

January 20, 2018

As  already mentioned in my Instagram post, I am a huge believer in the ability to create my own shoes. Wearing self designed shoes that didn’t cost me a fortune, makes me feel kind of fancy! Truth is, I am super picky when it comes to shoes and I always struggle to find something that I’m in love with. Maybe it’s because I feel that my style is somewhere between modern and vintage but not fully one or the other. Shoes of Prey  helped with my indecisiveness by allowing me to adjust a shoe exactly to my liking.

I’ve been trying to find the right pair of white heels (that aren’t tacky) and quite honestly, there’s not too many out there. I really liked their Elda shoe as linked here for the basic shape of the shoe. I saw it on their Instagram page and decided I would just go with that template and tweak it to my own liking.  When you click on “Customize” you are able to pick the heel type/height, the color of everything,  material, shoe width, and even the lining! Here is the link to ALL their template options. Some of their templates provide more customizing options than others such as this Como Shoe where you have choices of toe types and decorations like bows. You just have to think about what you’re looking for and then go from there.

As I designed my shoe, I knew my heel was going to be angled block versus regular block because it made it look a little more contemporary. Stiletto was out of the question because that would’ve been too basic plus, less comfortable. However, I loved the little straps and laces which I thought added an elegant, vintage vibe to them. At some point, I thought adding beige to the heel would make it more interesting. But at the same time I wasn’t sure so I posted a poll on my Instagram asking about it. Majority voted white. I thought so too, because adding beige would ultimately make it less dressy. See? These are all the kind of things I consider when buying a shoe and that’s why it’s so ridiculously difficult!

Ok, lets not forget about the inscription that you can have inside your shoe!!! I am freaking out about it to this day! That is the most perfect touch to your self designed art piece! It’s like your signature on a canvas. I wanted it to be something good. I considered just putting my married name on it but I wanted something more. Then I thought about the place in my life I’m in right now and “Live Intentionally” sounded most suitable. As I started the new year, I really started thinking about goals I want to set for myself and truly meant it this time. I want my life to mean something daily. No time wasted, no day gone by without making sure that I am living it to the fullest potential. Anyway, that’s where my inspiration came from for that little bit. I also added a teensy little heart at the end! Oh, and If whoever is reading this wants their personalized inscription for free, use code IRINA (valued at 49$!) Once again, Shoes of Prey is where you want to go if you’d like to design a pair of your own very snazzy shoes! Meanwhile, check out these sweet images my friend took of me in my beautiful white shoes!

Shoes: Shoes of Prey

Make Up: Diane Shevchuk

Photography: Daniella Gergi