Among the Birch Trees

April 19, 2017

This session was dreamed up by both, myself and Anna. A year ago, we were inspired to do a winter-to-spring transitional styled shoot. Anna found a vintage dress at a thrift store with lots of promising potential. We put our heads together and had someone alter it to make the dress exactly how we pictured it. I’ve always wanted to take pictures of Anna herself so choosing a model wasn’t an issue. The issue we had was the weather. Waiting for the perfect weather at an area you live 2 hours away from isn’t the ideal way to do it. It was either storming, the snow was too full or it was raining every day we would schedule. It took over a year but finally we had a day we thought would work and went for it.

Once we arrived to Tahoe, we began our search for the location we envisioned which comprised of snowy patches and birch trees. As if our luck wasn’t bad enough, we got stuck in the snow and took some effort to get the car out. Once that was resolved, Anna’s husband found THE spot and guess started raining, hard. Mind you it’s freezing and we were having to walk through deep snow to get to our spot which was in the middle of a free flowing stream. But we were relentless. Nothing was going to stop us now. So here’s the result of our blood, sweat, and tears. I am very happy with it. Wouldn’t change a thing.


Calligraphy: Yana Kotsura

Dress: Thrifted &  Altered

Blue Chairs: Stella Rental